Democratic National Convention Day 4

This is the final day of the convention. The breakfast delegation meetings have been wonderful, full of speakers and great conversations with the amazing members of our delegation. I have heard that not every state held morning events. Utah delegates came to ours. They are such a terrific way to start the day and to hear from key leaders within the party.

This morning we heard from Rep. Ed Perlmutter, Attorney General Phil Weiser, Rep. David Cicilline, DNC Chair Tom Perez, our U.S. Senate nominee John Hickenlooper, Senator Michael Bennet, State Treasurer Dave Young, and the special guest, Rep. Ayanna Pressley. Rep. Pressley said “Joe and Kamala are not the end of the journey. They are the door.”

I have used this blog to capture moments and the atmosphere of the convention. It has been a fascinating experience. The roll call vote across the country was a real hit. And Colorado really stood out with a diverse and multi-generational approach. Although we could not see all our friends from other states, we had the ability to glide via the internet into caucuses, councils and policy discussions.

Tonight’s presentations were based on the theme of “The Promise of America.” I felt like I was in church tonight. It was a celebration of faith and hope. Watching the many primary contenders for the nomination come together and talk about what they learned and what needs to be done was excellent.

The quote from Kierkegaard, “Faith sees best in the dark” reminds me of the theology of Matthew Fox. We journey through the joy at our mere existence, pass down through the dark, create a new pathway, and transform  the world.

And that is what Joe Biden, a wisdom keeper, is asking of us. “To build bridges instead of walls.” To find hope in the promise of what we can be. To find purpose. I was moved and will keep moving. Tomorrow we call, and drop literature, and send postcards, and build on the relationships we already have, and forge relationships within our community through common purpose. Joe says we must find purpose. He has lived his life well. He is the leader we need. When we help him win, we will once again be able to heal our country.




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